Driving in Glacier National Park

Use our website's MAP feature to find out Drive Times in and around GNP.

Going to the Sun Road

Planning your vacation to Glacier Park can be a little bit daunting, especially if it’s your first time to the Park or to Montana in general.  This is a land of open spaces, and that tends to mean that we do a little more driving here than in more concentrated states.

This is why we have an  Map section on our website devoted to GNP Drive Times!

GNP Drive Times

The Going to the Sun Road is slated to be open this Friday all the way, which is great news for those who are excited to take this route. There is currently construction, especially on the Eastside. Keep this in mind when planning travel, there is a healthy amount of time stopped, but fortunately the sights are splendid! 

Going to the Sun HIghway

Many of the roads in GNP are windy and weathered, and see plenty of traffic through the summer months.

Remember that your drives will be scenic, so try not to rush!

Going to the Sun Road

To find this section of our website when you are ready to figure out your drive times throughout the park, just click the MAP tab up top, and then look for your planned route in the listings below.  We have taken the time to write estimated drive times to & from GNP destinations for you there.

Mountain driving

Notice that these times are different (and more acurate) than google maps will give you, and remember that during the middle of the day, there is more traffic in the park.    Driving in GNP

Have fun planning your vacation and while you’re at it, why not request a Reservation for a Wooden Boat Tour with us, too!

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(Photos by Tyrel Johnson)