Employment in Glacier National Park


Employment in Glacier National Park
Interested in spending the summer living and working in Glacier National Park?

We are looking for energetic, friendly, hard-working people who love the outdoors and are enthusiastic about sharing that love with thousands of visitors to Glacier National Park. While living in the mountains of rural, northern Montana means services that many people take for granted in more urban settings are unreliable or nonexistent, the benefits to employment in Glacier National Park are beyond words:

Waking up to the sun rising across a sheer, glacially carved mountainside, the light reflecting off a pristine, turquoise lake. Pointing out a sow grizzly with her two cubs playing in the water as you captain a historic wooden tour boat full of spell-bound visitors. Using your three-day weekend to backpack over a mountain pass, camping near remote streams and lakes. Meeting a diverse mix of visitors from around the world while guiding nature hikes to lakes and waterfalls. The list of potential life-long memories is infinite. Join us for a job experience like no other!

We do the bulk of our hiring between January and February. We try to have our location crews nailed down by the end of March. Seasons start and end differently at each of our 5 locations in the park, and we place a hiring priority on those candidates who can work the entire summer season (through Labor Day at the least).

The majority of our summer staff will be trained as interpretive boat captains and will also spend portions of their shift working a cash register selling tickets, renting small watercraft (kayaks, canoes, rowboats, and motor boats at Lake McDonald), and leading short guided hikes (at Two Medicine and Many Glacier).

Our Apgar location is purely rentals, and the crew there spends the day renting a variety of small watercraft and running the cash register.

Every summer we also hire a few dockhands to assist around the ticket office and with renting boats. These staff do not need to be over 18 years of age.

We provide free shared housing at each location, and the grocery bill is split among location crew, as is the cooking and cleaning. Most employees will have to share a room with at least one other employee, but in Glacier, we don’t spend too much time indoors.

There is a free shuttle system that runs on the Going to the Sun Highway during the peak season, and an inexpensive shuttle that runs between the major lodges, so it is possible to get around without a vehicle. Ride sharing is also quite common among our staff and other park employees.

To be a boat captain, you must be over 18 and pass both a pre-employment drug screen and physical exam. During the season all employees are part of a random drug testing pool as required by the US Coast Guard and National Park Service.

We expect all employees to look professional and take pride in their appearance.  Our interaction with the public as representatives of Glacier National Park mandates a conservative appearance policy that is strictly enforced. All employees must maintain clean hairstyles that are neatly cut, styled and of natural color.  Extremes such as dreadlocks and mohawks are prohibited. Limited piercings and tattoos are permissible. Excessive or offensive tattoos must be covered for work. Spacers and gauged piercings are not permitted. All questions about the appearance policy should be directed to the Human Resources Manager. Conservative, well-maintained and fully cultivated facial hair is acceptable. All facial hair must be fully grown prior to beginning employment. Otherwise, employees must be clean shaven.

We also hire a small number of reservation office positions based at our headquarters in Columbia Falls, MT.

If you are interested in starting the application process, please email james@glacierparkboats.com your current resume and a short cover letter describing yourself and why you would be a good fit with the Glacier Park Boat Co.