Spring’s Here in Glacier National Park (Countdown to Launch!)

Lake McDonald Reflection

Spring in Glacier National Park is in full swing, and our preseason preparations are kicking into high gear!  While we are working hard toward the next season from the moment our last boat is pulled in the Fall, the Spring preseason is an extra push for us to get all our historic boats ready for launch in their prospective water homes.

Fish Creek Boat House Window

There is always a long list of projects to check off to get our five locations around the park ready for summer operations, and we are getting to it starting with our old friend, the DeSmet, celebrating her 85th season at Lake McDonald!

This week we made our first adventure back into Fish Creek Campground (where the DeSmet is housed for winter) to get started on preparations for her launch in the middle of May.


We welcomed back Andrew, our East Side Maintenance Man, and his return, signaled the start of preseason in the park for our Crew.   We grilled our lunch to celebrate!

Glacier Park Boat Crew


It’s days like these we just feel lucky to work in such an amazing location.  Can you name all the peaks surrounding Lake McDonald?

Mountains Lake McDonald

Our snow fall was less than usual this year, and we were surprised that there was no snow whatsoever on yesterday’s visit to Lake McDonald.  Usually, we still have some snow on the ground at this point.  However, the lack of it makes work a little easier for us, and who knows what the weather will do throughout our preseason work on the West & East sides!


Last season, our crew did a lot of work to the Fish Creek Boat House.  The added lights and electrical outlets will make shaping new planks and other projects much easier. Check it out!

Fish Creek Boat House

We are looking forward to another great season of Boat Tours and Boat Rentals!

Lake McDonald will kick off our season by opening on May 23, which is right around the bend!  Then each of our other locations will be opening by the week afterward.

Be sure to make a reservation with us here, it’s going to be another busy summer!

See you in Montana!

Lake McDonald Glacier National Park